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Why do tourists visit the dr cave beach?

Calm water, white sands, could do water sports or relax


Why do tourists visit the Blue mountains?

Collect blue mountain coffee, beautiful scenery, waterfalls etc


Why do tourists visit the Dunn's river fall?

Swim in the waver fall or climb and jump off it


Why do tourists visit green Grotto cave?

Sub-terrain lake in caves
Interested in physical features


Why do people visit the Jamaica history stone and the bob Marley museum?

To learn about culture (prospect plantation)
To learn out Jamaica celebrity


How was Jamaicans work in tourism?



What are two positives of tourism in Jamaica?

The reggae culture has been kept alive by sharing it with tourists
Rouen accounts for 45% of Jamaica earnings abroad


What are the environmental problems of mass tourism in Jamaica?

Coral reefs have been damaged by jet skis and boat anchors
North coast has been polluted and congested
Carbon footprint increased


What are the economic impacts of mass tourism in Jamaica?

Work is often seasonal so many people have to move away to make money


What are the economic benefits of mass tourism in Jamaica?

Account for 45% of earnings abroad
10 farmers gone from supplying 2 hotels to 80 in 2004- using local produce


What are the social problems of mass tourism in Jamaica?

Work is seasonal so people have to move away from family
Hotels use up a lot of water meaning people from west end have little access to it


What is a social positive of mass tourism in Jamaica?

Meet the people- locals and tourists help each other at no cost and learn about culture


What are some components of 'the master plan' ?

Limit developments of mass tourism to existing resorts such as Ocho Rios
Involve locals (meet the people)
Coral reef monitoring
want community tourism- locals to operate guest house

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