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What are the effects of the environment of rapid urbanisation?

Waste disposal problems- people in Cities generate a lot can damage health and environment if toxic waste is not disposed of properly
Air pollution- increased burning fuel from exhaust fumes and factories
Water pollution- water carries cities pollutants into rivers and streams harming wildlife


Why is waste disposal a serious problem in poorer countries?

Money- can't afford to dispose of waste properly
Infrastructure- lack of it means waste disposal lorries can't always collect rubbish
Scale- the problem is huge as a large city generates thousands of tonnes every day


What are the effects of air pollution?

Acid rain which damages buildings and vegetation
Health problems with headaches and bronchitis
Some pollutants destroy ozone layer


What are the affects of water pollution?

Kills fish and animals which disrupts food chain
Harming chemicals build up in food chain harming humans who was fish from polluted water
Spread of diseases like typhoid

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