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How many squatter settlements does Rio de Janeiro have?

600 and houses more than a fifth of the city's population


When did the favela - Bairro project start?



How many people does the project involve?

253000 across 73 favelas


Where did the funding come from?

40% of $300 million dollar funding came from local authority and the rest from an international organisation called the Inter-American Development Bank


What self help improvements were put in place?

Painting homes to improve appearance
Tiling roofs
Building second storey to homes
Rebuilding houses with breeze blocks
Water tanks put on roof tops to collect rainwater that can connect to household water supply


What local authority improvements were made?

Added electricity, mains sewage and piped water
Road access throughout allies rubbish collection and easier to get to city for jobs
Beginning to build schools, health care and community centres
2011 police and military send in to patrol streets and crack down on drugs and crime

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